Company Profile

Founded in 1967by Carl & Carolyn Davidson, this third generation family business has served the Dayton area for over 40 years. Today, Davidson Garage is owned by Scott & Cynthia Davidson and serves an active list of over 3,000 customers.

Davidson Garage is a full service automotoive repair garage that performs all major and minor repairs, brakes, steering, suspension, computerize diagnostics to basic maintenance servces.

We have certified "Master and Advanced Level Technician" with Automotive Service Excelence (ASE) and AC DELCO Automotive Training.

Davidson has been a member with Automotive Service Association (ASA).

Davidson Garage received the Better Business Bureau's "Integrity Eclipse Award" in 2004.

Davidson Garage is a member of the Dayton area Chamber of Commerce and BBB.

Davidson Garage is Certified in Ohio E-check repair specialist. We are still continuing to reduce emissions on vehicles driven today.

Davidson Garage welcomes fleet service including public safety vehicles, and truck repair.

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